Understanding and communicating the purpose of your organisation is a crucial process if we are to engage your audiences. Your EVP is an agreement across the organization of what we can confidently claim as a consistent employee experience.

It is your organisation’s DNA.

In the world of mainstream advertising and marketing, a Consumer Value Proposition (or Consumer Promise as it’s more commonly referred to) is the emotional contract around what the product or service brand does for the user – the cornerstones (or values) that drive the brand, the culture of the brand, what it feels like to use it, what it says about me and what my peers think of me for using it.

An EVP is the same contract with an employee – an honest assessment of what it’s like to work here, across all parts of the organisation.

We uncover the truths of your EVP by talking to staff and external target audiences as groups and individuals across all levels and depths of tenure across the organisation, capturing the honest and heartfelt opinions, fears and hopes of the people that make this business what it is. Unbiased and agnostic, we are able to capture the accurate data about what your talent audiences are thinking about your organisation, not what you’d like to think they are thinking…

The methodology we have used for many years allows us to capture this information quickly and effectively, and maintains the momentum of the project so crucial to delivering a timely and relevant solution.