Lightbox Communications is a consulting agency specialising in HR Communications. We work with direct employers in both the private and public sectors, and the recruitment firms that help them find their next stars, to clarify and deliver their employment communications.

Whether you need to uncover and agree on your Employee Value Proposition, or already have it nailed and need to communicate it internally and externally as your Employer Brand, our sole purpose as a business is to improve your ability to retain and attract the best talent in the market, not just the best talent on the market.

Sometimes we can even persuade the ones you can’t afford or who didn’t consider themselves ‘candidates’ to consider joining you anyway, if your EVP is good enough and we get to them early in the mobility phase.

Our special skills include planning and managing the research that will give us the clues to your organisational DNA, the analytical skills to establish the barriers and enablers to becoming competitive, and then the brand insight to create compelling and inspiring creative messaging to engage your current and future talent.

Digital, social, emergent and traditional media, combined with your recruitment technologies and referral channels, help us distribute your messages quickly and effectively. We then advise on establishing the metrics we need to get an insight into Attribution, or the art of finding out what part each media channel plays in securing our talent pipelines.

We can manage everything in the EVP-to-Employer Brand chain for you, or just the bits you’re missing. We’re quite flexible like that. We are a specialist centre for the creation and management of your Employer Brand.

And we love every bit of it.