Through your workforce plan we know the job families and skills you will need to ensure your organisation’s success, and from there we can start the talent mapping process to profile your targets and identify media channels to reach them, remembering of course that we can’t rely on them being jobseekers, or worse still, ‘candidates’.

It is our job using prolific media channels and engaging creative to reach and engage passive audiences into considering your proposition and then, most importantly, to do something about it.

More often than not, it will take more than one message to convince the best talent out there to ‘commit adultery’ to their current employer and reach out to you. And it will certainly take more than just words in boxes.

Carefully crafted messages, using insights gained during the EVP process, will be delivered across both innovative and traditional media channels to cut-through to your target audiences.
Whether it’s social media, outdoor, press or online messaging there are hundreds of potential channels we can use to ensure a pipeline of talent long into the future.