Most organisations have a Consumer Brand, which is the personality and character of the business condensed into words and images and communicated to the external audiences of customers, shareholders, stakeholders and even staff. It is a collection of thoughts and feelings we would like the audience to have about you and your products or services, and could be thought in dry terms as the ‘humanisation of a legal entity’.

It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

The employer brand is the proof in the pudding – bringing the EVP alive and conveying what it’s like to work at your organisation, how you will deliver on the expectations of your Consumer Brand and ensuring employees are all engaged and empowered to achieve this.

It reminds them why they work for your organisation, and encourages others to join too.

It starts with the creative messaging for each of your core target audiences, from graduates, early career professionals, parents looking for more balance, leadership, returning parents, minority groups, flexible and remote workers; each group will need a unique set of messaging and bespoke method of delivery to reach and engage them.

We create a strategic suite of HR collateral across all channels – careers website, social media strategy, video and still photography, recruitment ads, Employee Referral Program, alumni program, on-boarding and off-boarding and all the communications your people need as they progress on their employment journey through your organisation.