Talent Attraction Campaign
Mental Health Professionals


ACT Health was opening a new facility in Canberra to deliver services to the Canberra and South East region of New South Wales within the Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol & Drug services sectors. Hudson Global Resources were appointed as a partner for talent attraction and management. Due to the nature of the roles and experience required, the attraction campaign needed to reach an audience outside of the immediate Canberra region.

We developed strong messaging to immediately engage with potential candidates. Following the initial engagement, a custom portal was built to deliver key information about living and working in Canberra and of course the roles that were currently available with ACT Health.

Bring your
heart and soul
to ours.


The first recommendation was the use of a microsite to provide a bespoke portal for all interested candidates. The site included information on ACT Health, Living & Working in Canberra, Current Opportunities with ACT Health and information on how to apply.

To direct candidates to the landing site, a multi-media strategy was used across industry magazines, industry job sites and highly targeted audience and performance based digital banner campaigns.

The messaging needed to be emotive, inclusive and engaging, while incorporating the nature of the work and the Canberra location.

Images were chosen to represent the nature of the roles, the location of Canberra and the cultural activities that are taking place.


The campaign strategy drove traffic to the microsite from a global audience, with an average time on site of 1min 30sec and almost a 40% visitor return rate.

The managing consultant was able to deliver high quality candidates for their client, and ACT Health was able to open the new Mental Health facility in Canberra on time.