EVP Development
Employer Brand Development


Still trying to dispel the reputation that they make mobile handsets, Ericsson is actually a world leader in the development and implementation of telecommunications networks, telecom services and multimedia solutions.

Keen to develop their talent attraction and retention capability in a tight skills market, we helped them understand what makes their organisation and people tick.

Our challenge was to examine existing research and data and create communications that would inspire current and future sta to push the boundaries of what’s possible at Ericsson.






Ericsson performed their own research, which consisted of interviews with senior leaders, focus groups, and desk research. We then processed the raw information and identified three core strengths – leading edge technology, the people and the opportunities they are given.

From here we identified the characteristics that Ericsson value, and de ned how employees are empowered to create change and constantly evolve. This supported the creation of the EVP, “Invent the future. Reinvent yourself.”

Interpreting the EVP to inspire the target audience, we revealed Ericsson to be more than a producer of cutting-edge communications technology. They’re a team of dreamers who remain at the forefront of their industry by supporting their people to harness their imaginations. They dream one day of creating a fully connected and sustainable future. So we created an employer brand that challenges the reader to tell us what they dream about achieving and how Ericsson will support them to make it happen.


The new employer brand was presented to all those who took part in the research and was well received. It was then communicated throughout the Australian business through existing and new communication channels, with a strong focus on digital and social media.

Plasma screens hung vertically in receptions linked to live social feeds and played the ideas contributed by staff and contractors on their dreams and hopes for a better future for everyone to see, giving those people a real connection to the business and showing full trust from Ericsson.